What does this tell me about how I look?

I've never been too confident about my looks, but I am quite tall and funny and that seems to help. I've also been told by many people I have "beautiful" blue-grey eyes.

Anyway, I was at a club the other night with some friends. We headed down to the bar and quickly s, ome girl came up to me and said "My friend thinks you're really hot". Her friend didn't look interested and besides she was standing next to a guy who I assumed was her boyfriend. I quickly answered "Well looks like we're going to have to hit it off to make your friend jealous". We got talking and made out.

As I've said I'm not really confident... it's just when I'm drunk I think my charming self takes over.


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  • You have got some looks going on based on this description.
    However, looks are still subjective.


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