Sharing is important, is it not?

Sharing ourselves in the way of showing others who we are and what we can do is important. And it doesn't really matter what age you are, we always seek to put something of ours out there to see if others like the same things we do, support them and agree with them.

Be it your kid when he is drawing and shows you. Be it an artist that wants to make his/her point heard. Anyone, no matter who, wants to be seen, and noticed. To know they are not invisible to others. To know they make some kind of difference in someones life. And when other people appreciate what we do, we are happy! We know that we are not alone, we know our work is important, we know the things we do matter to someone. And it should matter to us too, always.


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  • We live in a society, and whether we like it or not, we all are social beings, so, we constantly compare ourselves and seek approval or attention/criticism from others toward us. It's what we do; it's how we know where we stand in the success scale. When we are the only ones that like what we do, it is always a bit shallow. It pleases us, and serves that purpose, but why and what for? If it pleases me, and I want the best for the ones around me, then I want them to be pleased for the same things I am, therefore I seek approval others. The funny thing is that they don't really have to be important in my life: the simple appreciation from a stranger can be even more important than the ones from friends in the sense that it can be more honest. At least they're not trying to be nice just because they're your friends and feel obligated to it. (maybe they're being nice for other shallow reasons, but we don't know it).

    That judgement, lets us compare ourselves to others, because we all feel the need to know our own value.
    Another reason is to make ourselves heard. To pass a message that we don't dare to shout it out loud. A message that often reflects our inner state of mind, and that we feel we want others to know it, but we don't really want to find words to express it. So we find other ways like art or actions, and we expect that only the ones that see the (sometimes hidden) meaning are the ones who understand us.

    In a world where we're all equal and yet everyone is different, it's always very pleasing to our minds, that there is someone out there with the same views as ours, and with the same interests. It feels like someone is able to feel the same emotions as we do when faced with the same circumstances.
    That is why sharing is so important, because we review ourselves in others.

    To finish, I leave you with "the story":

    All of these lines across my face
    Tell you the story of who I am
    So many stories of where I've been
    And how I got to where I am
    But these stories don't mean anything
    When you've got no one to tell them to
    It's true...

    • This is so true! :') Read what I said in responde to HookingSwan!
      If I could only use one word to explain how important sharing is, I'd choose the word "connection".
      by the way, essa letra no final ficou mesmo top. Foi mesmo a cereja no topo do bolo a completar o que disseste :p

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    • That's true. But we should be able to analyse our own work to understand who would relate to it more or like it best, because not all of our friends are the same and think the same way and some could like it better than others. And if we are working on something meant for the society, then we just need to do something that is aiming specifically towards a group, because if we want to aim at everyone, not only will our work suffer because it isn't focusing on one important thing at a time but people will not receive it as well as they would if it were more concise.

      Following our dreams is important, but our dreams need to adapt to our environment and needs, as well as those of others. If we are doing something just for ourselves, then we can work on it as we like because it's solely for our own delight. If we are working on something that is meant to lure others in and get a point across, then our work must adapt to their needs and not just our own.

    • @HookingSwan Ahah thank you! I try xD

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  • That's probably where i messed up in the past..
    Being I incredibly shy and not that comfortable around a lot of people since young, and not "Sharing" myself too much it's probably the reason of most of my present problems, and why i'm still single.

    So, i can only fully suppport your statement. 100%.

    • I love kids, i can't see myself having a cold relationship with my son or daughter, or my eventual partner.

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    • coming back home at NIGHT XD, mystake there haha...

    • I completely agree. And that's one of the reasons why, even though I want kids, I want to wait for a job that is stable and a constant income, so that I know the time I have with them and I know that I can support them, financially and emotionally.

  • There are a lot of human emotions stopping us from sharing ourselves to other people such as, pride, shame, shyness, anger and even sadness.

    If we we were able to be as transparent as possible with everyone the human kind would be near perfect that ever before.

    But emotions are here to stop us from that. For the good or the bad.

    • Commpletely truth. We are not really rational beings, we just have the capability to acess rationality. The next generations will get it.

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    • But it's hard to define what means being emotional driven, or rational driven, it’s not that obvious since it depends on our personal brain chemistry, and our own interpretation of them.
      I think that learning to control yourself (learning to be more rational) but, without neglecting your natural gut wishes are a good combination.

    • I could say to you, follow your guts, but I don’t know how that works inside you, are you a strong emotionally rationalistic person by nature? or a full romantic girl capable of leaving her family and spend all her money in a ticket plane, with only 5 euros on the pocket to hug your virtual boyfriend for the first time? If you are one of them, it will bring you some more radical problems, but maybe, probably more happiness (because when he make irrational wishes happen, we feel better, more fullfiled, tastes more natural), I think it acts like a drug in our brain, doing more and more stuff without thinking… only after bad consequences some people learn…
      I would recommend the person to develop both ways and balance them.
      Sorry for torturing you with my English ahahaa

  • it is important but sometimes you gotta keep your thoughts and problems to your self because some people dont understand it.

    • That's why we need our friends, because we know they will understand and accept us no matter what.

    • hmm, your right. but sometimes friends dont understand us too.

    • True... But someone must, even if it's a stranger.

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  • Yes, of course it is! That's how we show how we are, what we think, what we want and how others are important to us.

  • It is important to share with the people you care about at times. Though over time I've tried not to share to much about myself. Since most will give me a look like I'm some crazy/ weirdo in a bad way.

    • Yeah, it's important to find the right people with whom to share ourselves with.

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    • I think his friend didn't study abroad till his 2nd or 3rd year of college.

    • Yeah, that's what I'm thinking I'll do too, wait until I'm more comfortable with it.

  • no its not.

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