Do you hate anyone? And {comment} how do you define 'hate'?

I don't hate anyone, nor could anyone do something to get me to.

I define 'hatred' as not caring ANYTHING about someone. For example, there may be people I dislike, but I wouldn't wish anything horrible (like blindness, paralysis nor rape) on them: not wanting to be around some people and still wishing them no ill will, to me, shows that you *do* care about them to an extent.

Also, there are things I hate about people, but that doesn't mean I hate them for it: rather, I wish for them to better themselves to no longer have those issues. After all, wouldn't you care about people enough for them to fix their problems, if they affect you in any way, for YOUR benefit as well as theirs? And don't you want everyone to be happy?

  • No. I hate some things people do, nor do I like everyone, but I care for everyone regardless.
  • No. 'Hate' is a strong word for anyone, but there are people I don't care for either.
  • No, but there's at least one circumstance where I would.
  • Yes, to answer honestly, but I wish I can say that I care for everyone despite their flaws.
  • Yes. I know I shouldn't, but I still wouldn't care for them.
  • Yes, some people quite simply deserve it.
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  • I hate? What? I don't hate anything!


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  • Hate is a very strong word and I try not to use it in trivial situations. Having said that, I have truly hated two people in my life so far. However, in my opinion, hate isn't just indifference as you describe it. Hate is more like a passionate wrath against another person. I have to admit that I did wish these people very bad things. But it didn't come from nothing. Both of them treated me extremely abusively and because they were authority figures and I was still a child in one case, I was unable to do much about it (and no, they weren't my parents or relatives).
    However, nowadays, I don't have anyone in my life that I hate. There are some people I find annoying but that's far, far away from hating them.


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  • I dislike some peoples personalities. If i do, i just don't associate with them and move on from them, and i don't give them a second thought again.

  • I hate being unemployed lol


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