Am I overthinking it?

I didn't know what to put this in so I put it in other.
So basically there's this guy right? (there always is right?) And he's um he's got a good following of people that love him that range upwards of 10k.
Anyway continuing on. I love this guy first guy I've actually agreed with on things. I'll be upfront and say I do have a crush on him.
But anways so he talks periodically on different social networks. And in came up with conversation with a friend and I counted the times he's either replied to me or liked my comments 2 were general comments at him challenging his self deprecating comments about his appearance (which he's sensitive about) and it came up to 15+.
And then to me his mood always seems to improve from there.
I'm actually going to see him in person in a couple of months.
But so my question is this: Am I wrong to think that he genuinely likes talking to and hearing from me?


What Guys Said 1

  • Whenever a female asks "Am I overthinking it?", the general answer is "Yes".

    In this case, though, your hunch is likely right.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well if he's taking steps and making official plans to see you, then he must be genuinely interested in talking to you. He would see no point in making an effort otherwise.

    • well no i said i am going to see him as in there's an event and he'll be one of the panelists. And I'm actually going to hang out with one of his co-workers afterwards with some other friends because we've formed a nice little friendly group.