What things would you talk about if you could have your own radio show?

So, I was offered the opportunity to have my own radio show. I've been a co-host a couple of times in the past and I really love doing it but to be honest, I wouldn't really know what my show should be about. I'm very free in my ideas/topic, all that matters is that it's a good concept. So in a way this freedom is great but on the other hand it also makes it hard to come up with a good theme. The only two limitations that I have are: I was told I shouldn't do a music show (playing a bunch of songs) because there are already enough other shows like that on this channel and I don't want to report the news because I'm not a professional journalist. The show lasts one hour and it would probably be on Saturday afternoons or evenings. It's my choice whether I want to do it weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month.
So if you had your own radio show, what would you talk about? What would be your theme (s)? And would you actually want to have a radio show?


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  • I find the best radio shows tend to be relatable to the individual themselves. Do you have the option of having people call in / chatting with them on air? I feel like that would give more of a relatable aspect to it.
    While doing things talking about current events would be cool for some, many simply don't care, and many simply find it boring or would turn off since they disagree with you.

    What you can always do is offer an advice radio forum in a sense. One person offers a problem (or you offer a problem), whether it be relationships/work/whatever (within reason), and you can offer advice. Likewise, you can let following callers help give advice to people who just asked. Then you can discuss opinions and thoughts regarding to the matter. People who are self proclaimed "experts" in the matter can share experiences or thoughts.
    If you didn't want the problems to be as "spontaneously made," you could ask people to email problems to a generated email address or (if you have the tools for it) a website.

    That would appeal to the inner advice guru in each of us (heck, it's the entire premise yahoo answers and GAG is based on). It would also give a chance to help people while also letting it be relatable to people. As for the people who don't call in, many just love gossip and listening to people's problems, odd as it sounds.

    Based on just how I've seen you around GAG too, I think you could do it. You have the logic and reasoning for it all and you seem to have experience in a wide range of matters.

    That's my idea. It all kind of hinges whether or not you can have people call in though.

    • Thank you very much for your long reply! I haven't thought about that but it sounds great. I'm not sure if it'll work because it's a relatively small radio but it's definitely an awesome idea and I will think about it!

    • No problem. In case of "dead days," I would figure that you would just address a common problem you know of yourself and let anyone chime in if they want.

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  • I'd talk about current events with friends. That can be like events in the community, outdoor activities, local government, etc...

    I don't know what do you like to talk about now?

    • Oh you know what would be interesting? Like weird or rare history. Like did you know the goverent ran a huge campaign against round worm infestation in the south because so many people were infected it actually created the lazy southerner trope

    • Haha, that's actually a cool idea, thank you! :-)

    • Good luck!

  • I'd talk about how I hate school!


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