If you suddenly received the super power of your choice would you become a force for good or evil?

if right this minute if you got the super power of your choice would you use it for good or evil. if you feel like it state your power.
me I would be a super villain

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  • I'd probably be both really. I'd probably be evil to my enemies and evil people!. But good to those who deserve the good.
    Mind control. :).


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  • neither. purely selfish. I'd only use my super power to get myself ahead. (:


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  • Neither, and I'm going outside of the box on this one. I'd choose to be "Completely Neutral" and Incognito. Good and Evil are always just too very common choices, but what about complete Neutrality? Does anyone ever consider that possibility, like ever?

    I won't trust anyone or anything and will try to avoid become detected to avoid all possible unnecessary conflicts or confrontations. I will neither save or harm anyone.

    Instead, I would rather make plans to re-create an entirely new planet, world, dimension, or reality (or multiple realities of my own desire and choosing) and then reside there indefinitely meaning then I would pretty much avoid everyone and everything else since I don't want my neutrality to be compromised and affected in any possible way as I really believe that I can no longer risk trusting anyone knowing that I had somehow been given or acquired super powers that gives me near-infinite or infinite capabilities, rendered me near-indestructible or preferably completely indestructible.

    Or to simply put it, I won't really give a fuck about anyone or anything else that I don't have to, and I'd do nothing to harm or hurt them, no aggression or aggressive motives, but neither will I run the risk of allowing anyone or anything else to ever become aware of my acquired powers and capabilities, even if that means I won't save anyone as a result of this decision and choice, thus I would retain my Neutrality.

    • well that's boring

    • @jakeofalltrades

      And as if "Take Over the World" or "World Domination" agendas aren't overdone or overrated? Or even cliché?

      Even being bad for the sake of being bad such as "to watch the world burn" had already been claimed and tried by The Joker himself, oh and that's right he didn't even need superpowers for that. But that's his trademark and it's all original. No point of trying to come up with anything original and because I couldn't.

      Any evil motive whether for Revenge, Chaos, Anarachy had already been tried and done by many other supervillains, it's starting to feel old been there, seen them try that, oh and how that turned out? Right, still more of the same old same old fighting against the good guys that wreck their plans eventually.

      I personally believe that that everything can and will eventually becomes boring anyway. Boredom is part of suffering, but what if I had the capability with my superpower that allows me to take away feelings of boredom and all suffering?

  • I'd do good however I'd also use them for profit on the side,
    Like use them to rob a casino so I could continue doing good as my day job and have a normal life. However I wouldn't steal from anyone who couldn't afford and or deserve it

  • I'd try to be good, but I would probably fail at some point or other. If I could have any one power, I'd want to be able to control electricity. Don't know why, but that's what I'd choose.

  • I'd just use them for my own benefit, if they're viewed as good actions so be it, vice versa.

  • C - Neutral.

  • depends on how you'd view it. id be kinda in between good and evil , and id like to be a jedi but a rogue version thats part sith aka a "dark jedi"

    • so like a super powered mercenary or something?

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    • more like just doing whatever you want?

    • yes basically but still follow good moral principles As Darth Sidious explained in SW3 to Anakin " the dark side of the force is a path way to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural".