How many different ways can we think of to make £1, $1 or the equivalent?

Is there more opposed to when i was younger?


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  • i hope I'm not reading this wrong, but for me u can make it in many MANY ways... i use AUD.

    no way am i doing all of them lmao, but these are the very basics.
    single $1 coin
    2 x 50c coins
    5 x 20c coins
    10 x 10c coins
    20 x 5c coins

    • The most traditional way haha, but thank you. this is definitely one way

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    • Well remember back in the days films would show kids mowing the lawn or shovelling snow out of drive ways etc whats the equivalent in 2016? Has the world changed much?

    • and we're supposed to interpret the question worded like that? lol.

      anyway, i dont think anyone can make such a little amount now, unless ur a young child who's doing house chores maybe.

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