What do you guys think about this? I got robbed/mugged?

So I was walking home from a friend house it was like 11:45pm and I was about 5 mins away from my house. I just had to turn the cornor and walk foru building down.

When I see two guys across the street. One of the dudes start walking toward me. I think nothing of if
Then he come up to me. and pull a gun out and say get off your phone. I did. and he point it at me and say keep your hands up. If u move I'm gonna shut u.

I was stuck in fear.. he dogged in my pockets tuck my phone my wallet PSP and bus pass. And hit me wih the gun and told Me to run.

I ran to the nearest payphone and called the cops and told them what happen. They took 20 mins. Went to my moms and told her. The cops came and I told them. thy said they could look for the guy and even if they get him. he will be out on bail. And they say u guys live right here. so I would advise u not to. I live with my. mom and I gotta worry about her.

The cops was like sorry man. Maybe you'll become a cop and prevent this I'm like wtf u didn't do anything.
My next door neighbor collects gun. And he told me do u wanna go out looking for them in the car. I was thinking yeah why not. But my mom heard and was like no.

What's the solution to this problem? Now I carry a load gun around?


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  • Yeah, shit sucks, but it happens sometimes. Just give your shit up smooth and live another day. A lot of hardos are going to chime in here about how this never would have happened if you carried a loaded gun, but let's get real. Guy already has the drop on you, if you reach for a pistol you'll catch a bullet between your eyes. And even if you do manage to pull out, now he's in a him-or-me situation, and he's likely to panic and shoot you, when he probably had no intent to kill you to begin with. Just give up the goods take the L, you're in a way more dangerous situation if you try to be a hero. And don't even bother calling the police next time, I could have told you beforehand that they'd be no help after the fact. Sorry that happened, but glad you made it out ok👊


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  • prepare for everything in the future.

    if you're walking home late at night, be keen of your surroundings, don't trust anyone, be ready for anything, and avoid confrontation if you can.

    if you got a bad feeling, go with it and bail.

  • I'd go with my neighbor and if I found them I'd shoot them in both knees and elbows.

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