Feeling inferior?

Ok so there is this girl at my job were pretty close we always talk about makeup and fashion stuff. Give each other advice couple of time we hang outside of work with couple of other coworkers and I honestly thought we were all good friends. I think she's very pretty and she always says to me like my makeup looks good or complements me just like most girls do. Her wedding came and I found out she invited everyone except me. At first I thought ok maybe we're not that close but when I found out about everyone honestly made me feel bad. My family says may f she just didn't want me to take her attention from her big day. I think she's beautiful but now I feel inferior or not good enough


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  • Maybe she is secretly jealous of you and she could be two faced. Her not inviting you to the wedding was so wrong on so many levels. It makes it seems like she doesn't really like you.

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  • She may have not think she knows you well enough or she may just think you wouldn't want to go. You aren't inferior :/


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