Do you think most women are straight?

I think most people will agree that the majority of men are straight but I've heard many people say that they don't believe that most women are straight and that they think they are bisexual by nature and I'm not just talking about those studies that claim that most women are this way. I'm talking about things people say in everyday conversations plus the the way females are portrayed or thought of in society many things that are seen as homosexual behavior in guys are seen as normal in women.

Such as things like the fact that many girls hug each other and hold hands with each other in the same way they would with a male they are in relationship but when guys hug or even hold hands it's not in the same way they do if they are in a relationship with woman.

In music videos it isn't uncommon to see half naked women but it it were a music video with half naked men it would be perceived as gay if they were doing that exact same thing.

In many of the most homophobic countries in the world gay men are killed but many gay women are not killed but punished in other ways or not at all, if i'm not mistaken historically in all British colonies female homosexuality as an act was never outlawed despite the Christian values that disallowed male homosexuality

Many people that claim to be homophobic in everyday life are only homophobic against gay males but not against gay women.

Lastly although I think some people will disagree , I think there is a perception in many people's minds that homosexuality is inherently feminine, many people think that gay sex is effeminate but lesbian sex isn't unfeminine.

On top of this I think generally speaking most women aren't really homophobic at all and while I've heard of incidents of women being homophobic towards men I've seriously never seen of of heard of a situation where a female displays homophobic behavior towards a gay female


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  • 7% for women and 13% for men. (4 to 6)
    shows that there is more men that have other 'sexuality' than women.
    By the way by other I mean the specific one that relates to the individual.

  • Most women are straight. Its just more acceptable for women to act on homosexuality.


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