Why is he still texting me?

there is this guy who used to date my old friend (i haven't spoken to her in years) so we would hang out sometimes and he seemed pretty cool but i didn't think much of him, just my friends boyfriend. but then later on they broke up and a few years later he texted me. i didn't even know he had my number and i haven't spoken to him in about 3 years so that was really out of nowhere but we used to be friends so i was kind of happy to hear from him.
but anyways, long story short, he started flirting and wanted to hang out. but to make it even shorter, he wanted sex. he isn't looking for a relationship, just sex. i said i only have sex with guys i date. so he said lets date. of course i said no.
he is extremely attractive but not only is he not relationship material, he is also a drug addict, and has had sex with about 25 women which in my opinion is way too much so i just wasn't interested. he took the hint and stopped texting me every day. then it went from every day to ones a week (seeing if i want to hang out and wondering if i changed my mind about sex). every single time i said no. still never even hung out (i dont mind hanging out, but in a public place, not his house like he usually insists) and this has been going on for a year! at one point he said he likes talking to me and feels like he can open up to me (which was something new, because he doesn't like discussing his problems) but then he always goes back to asking about sex and dating. he has made his intentions very clear, but at the same time it makes no sense. i never actually go to hang out with him, i've never had sex with him, he's a really attractive guy so he shouldn't have a problem getting sex, so why is he still always trying to talk to me?


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  • he could be used to controlling girls who he has been with. and who also does not take no for answer. dating this guy or being with him would be a big mistake seeing how he could see it as you being his property once you did date him or something.

    a lot of brain dead guys think that.

    • i do get the part about him not taking no for an answer and it does make a lot of sense, but the first part isn't true about him. he isn't a controlling type of guy, he's more like the opposite. when he was dating my friend, she was in complete control of the relationship and he just let her. he's more submissive when it comes to regular things but does seem dominant in bed.

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    • he could be geting it but is finding it hard to let it go , you know like grasping for straws hoping that one last reach might bring him some luck.

    • yeah that makes sense. i feel like he sees me as a friend because every time he gets a new number (and he does like every other week, i dont know why) he feels the need to inform me just so we can stay in touch. and its just kind of strange when you really think about it. he was my friends boyfriend. its not like we dated before or something, i was just one of his girlfriends friends, and me and him werent that close when we used to hang out, yet he acts as though he just needs to stay in touch with me. as though our relationship is so important. i mean its nice, because i do consider him a friend, but its pretty random.

  • Fate has brought you two together for a reason, if you weren't meant to have his semen in you I doubt you'd have his contact info in the first place. If you want to try to fight Destiny you could again clearly tell him to go away and never message you ever again, but it would probably be best to go over to his place and get it over with. Lean over a bed with your eyes closed and your pants around your ankles and just let nature do it's job.

    • wtf did i just read.

    • The future, perhaps. Belize in yourself, your heart knows the tru path.

    • they sounds like a stalker with how he talks block that guy lol

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  • he likes u!