Girls, Does this guy have issues?

This one guy I used to talk to keeps calling me and sending me texts every day (sometimes at like 6:35AM, I'm still asleep at that time). He also used to say racist things towards other nationalities when I was talking to him, he critiqued other people and seemed full of anger and hate. He said he would "bash the shit" out of someone that called his girlfriend. Why is he like this? What do you think? Should I keep my distance? He keeps calling me ugh.

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  • Yes, he seems to have an issue. You should stay away from him, he seems dangerous.

    • I agree. I feel nervous and anxious around him.
      ALso, I forgot to mention, he said he is a man and has needs and women are to serve his needs. Creepy.

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    • nah, he is not. Very backward minded. Thanks for confirming. SOmetimes I can be a bit weak and give into his manipulative messages (he says he thinks about me all the time and cares about me) but I think he's just someone who is a user, wanting me to do everything for him.

    • I agree. It seems like nobody listens to him or cares about him so he's using you.
      Be careful.