What do these dreams mean?

I haven't had these dreams in years, but they were either separate or all grouped together into one dream, but all of them were recurring, and would happen years after I had last had them, so I'm not sure if I'll have them again someday or not. I last had the dreams all grouped together about 10 years ago. I am now going on 21 years old, so I was around 11 at the time. The time I remember before that was probably when I was around 4 or so, and it happened a lot around that time, but I had forgotten all about it until it recurred.
These dreams were always in fuzzy black and white, like an old TV that had poor signal. The sound was very muffled as well, but everything I felt in this dream I actually felt physically, which had never happened to me in any other dream. I would always jolt awake from these dreams startled, and feel as if I had awoken from an extremely deep sleep, yet was only half asleep at the same time.
The first dream of the sequence (or sometimes the only dream) was that I was in a tunnel under a bunch of highway bridges (kind of like the double decker ones that swirl around) and there was an old VW Beetle (and although the dream was always in black and white I somehow knew the car was yellow) that would turn from the right side of the tunnel (the road had a bend in it right before the tunnel entrance) and then head straight toward me. It would run me over and I would feel what felt like a pillow being thrown at me. I would fall straight back like a bowling pin. It would repeat itself like an animated GIF and I would sometimes try waving at it or holding up my hand to say "stop". I could never move other than that for some reason. The car would hit me two or three times, and occasionally a faint voice would say "watch out, he's coming".

One of the dreams I remember following this one was that a young boy was showing me his cat who had just given birth to kittens. The kittens were nursing and I reached over to pet one. The boy then said "watch out, she doesn't like that" and then the mother cat jumped up and attacked my face, which also felt like a pillow being thrown at me.
Usually it was only two dreams, but I also remember another one I would occasionally have in which there was no picture, just complete darkness. However, I felt as if I was jumping on a trampoline, and somehow, even with just the darkness, I could see myself jumping on the trampoline subconsciously. Then I would wake up and feel sad that it was over.


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  • Nothing probably.


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  • i have this dream where i woud dream about it a lot. i would be sitting in the toilet and all of the sudden im inside a mall or a public place with just the toilet no pants and ahhhh its so embarrassing lol

    • I've actually had a similar dream to that too! Usually it was when I was younger and it was going to school without pants on!

    • me too but i would be sitting on a toilet tho lmao I don't know why the toilet? its like in the middle of the hall way and people pass by me :(

    • Haha, that sounds embarrassing!