Solve this riddle (only guys can solve this so far)?

Ok there are 3 pens on the table: red, green and white. The question: which one is working considering one of those made of wood, the second was found in blue trashcan and the third one has red name on it.

Come on!!!


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  • All three pens work.


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  • Well, technically, the question says nothing about the status of the pens.

    There is no necessary correlation between a pen having wood in it (like the fancy pens) and it working or not working. A wooden pen could have ink and work or it could be out of ink and not work.

    Likewise, a pen in the trash can could be dead (but not always) and a red pen could be inkless (but not always).

    So really, it is an impossible question to answer since there is no evidence or correlation to the answer. While it may not say they are broken, why should we assume they work /ever worked in the first place?

    It's like me asking for an answer to "There are three animals. One is mostly black colored, one is mostly white colored, and one eats food. How many are ducks?" Well, they could all be ducks-- ducks eat food and can be black or white... But not necessarily. They could be a panther, a swan, and a dog, respectively.

    So the answer is: Impossible to say.

    However, by the grammar stated of "which one," one referring to a single object, we can deduce you are talking about one pen. So that means only one pen is working by the prompt written... So I guess the real answer is "impossibly to determine." Therefore, I believe your answer of "they all work" is false, or rather, not necessarily true.