How do you feel about Grade Inflation?

Grade inflation is the progressive nature of grading getting easier. That is to say, work that would have been worth a C 20 years ago is worth an A now, ( , ) which in turn means that people are earning "easier" A's in the literal sense. This is not good, in my opinion, because that means that hardworking individuals have the same value, at least grade-wise, as people who slack off. It is also a reason why people who slack off and "never study" manage to achieve much higher marks than their counterparts 40 years ago.

It is such a problem, in my opinion, particularly in the modern world where people use degrees to flaunt their knowledge when in fact they are likely dumber than their previous generation and worse still may be high honors doing average (or even below average, actually) work. Of course this has two huge issues for the current generation as well and works against us all:

The "Inflation of Education", or the requirement of degrees continuously going up, is a direct result of grade inflation and grades are worth less and less every year due to the inflation meaning that an A student 40 years ago was actually at the top of his game meanwhile an A student now may as well be just joe schmoe and really could be average or even lesser than average. It is why we have stories of students graduating and being dumb as a brick as soon as they hit the job.

So how do you feel?


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  • I completely agree its unacceptable... When I was younger and took my exams the kids today would be screwed...


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