What are good ways to stay up?

I only sleep 4-5 hours. and work 3am to 1pm sometimes to2pm.

I drink like three monster a day. And red bull every once and while.

Does coffee really work. I feel like that only in the movies.

Are there any pills that make u stay up with energy.

My schedule is this , out of 24 hours
I work 8-9 hours
1 hour to get to and from work so basically 2 hours.
2 hours of career aka my art one hour writing one hour drawing
6 hours at my part time. and I work put for hour but only 3 tines a week I be tired that why. And it usually after work

Then sleep for 4-5 hours
8+2+2+6+5= 23 hours


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  • That sounds really unhealthy. But basically anything with caffeine will help you stay up.


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  • Your mom knows how to keep a guy "up" all night.