How to get a crush? Like where?

So I know this is an extremely weird question coming from me; a girl who literally always has a crush. But now, I don't have a crush. I feel freaking empty.. I really want a crush, but nobody seems attractive anymore and everything is dull. I recently had a guy who liked me and I liked him back stop talking to me, but not completely. We just don't talk as much as we used to and we don't 'click' anymore. I don't know if I'm heartbroken or what? I've been heartbroken before from my ex who left me. But I don't feel sad or anything. Anyways, what are good ways to find a crush? Like where do I meet new people etc.. Thanks guys.


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  • You're only 15. Don't worry about always liking someone. That will come with time. Sometimes, you just need to focus on yourself, school, family, friends, etc... That being said, you can meet people in your classes, on co-ed sports teams, at after-school events or activities, at the library, through friends, etc...


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