I really like this guy. Advice?

I have been talking to a guy on social media for about 2 months now since he messaged me first. We have been talking ever since all day and all night. We can start a conversation about absolutely nothing and talk all day long. He is a really nice guy and he is very smart and has big dreams for his future. I really like him because he is a strong smart guy that I do not find annoying at all. He is always telling me how smart and pretty I am and he always laughs at my jokes and encourages me (even though my jokes are not funny). I know that you can not have an actual dating relationship over social media if you have not even met the person at all but for some reason it feels like I have known him for a long time. We are so alike and we understand each other. We are the same age we live in the same city we used to go to the same school apparently and we like a lot of the same things. The only thing is that I do not want to fall for him because when I fall for someone I fall hard and it is not good. I just do not want to get hurt if he decides that he does not like me anymore or something happens but right now I really think that he likes me and that he wants to continue talking to me but I do not know how to be sure of that Advice?


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  • Well... Try it out. Date him, see what happens. There's no other way of figuring things out.

    Managing your expectations is key, but you shouldn't let an opportunity like that go away because you're afraid to get too involved.

    Good luck! ;)

  • You people have known each other in the former earth life


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  • LDR is One of the Hardest to Have and to Up Hold of Any, for I know this probably better than Anyone here, dear.
    Five years ago, aman from Egypt had found me on Facebook and we had started a whirlwind Romance by Chance by First... Nursing and Nurturing something special.
    Before you can both Meet and Greet, This is One important Factor for a Fact you Both have to Have. You have started your own Beguine in the Beginning by doing this, and by going Slow with Joe, Continue what you have Going and Flowing.
    It's hard Not to wear your own heart on your Sleeve, Should he Leave. Life is a gamble and Being Online all of the Time with Someone you have Not met, is also a Huge 'Gamble,' but Someday, if you ever do get the Opportunity to be in each other's Arms with all of his Charms, It could be Worth it all.
    I ended up Hopping on board and going abroad for my first trip months later to be with him and his lovely family. Things went so well that I then climbed on board once again, after coming home, and three months later, We ended up tying the knot.
    Half the battle is Getting together but another Half, Is keeping the Romance or even the Marriage alive, On the other side of the coin, And hoping you can Stay together forever. This I can tell you First hand with the Man, Takes even More Effort as Team Players.
    Good luck. xx

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