“patriotism" or “universal brotherhood"?

I dont lyk to be patriotic.. lyk i never get goosebumps if i hear to national anthem or anything which is done for one's country. but yeah i believe in universal broderhood. i think being patriotic divides countries.. coz many terrorist attacks today r also done as a sense of patriotism..


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  • I see you don't believe in spelling correctly.

    • I think u dont know what patriotism & universal brotherhood means.. so sad. youngsters des days try to find out errors 1st rather dan replying politely to sumone's question. even if der is any mistake d topic is quite understandable dear

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  • Some of people who study law philosophy mention that
    maybe "countries" will be built by people who has the same idea instead of nation by blood relationship. I think they are smart guys base on their experience from deal with cases.

  • Maybe you should master basic spelling before tackling questions like this. I'm not a grammar Nazi and usually let things go, but Jesus, you sound retarded.

    • Actually sum people who resort to blocking r smart & intelligent coz dey r not fools to debate with. people lyk u.. leave it u can't understand dat.. it needs brains to understand..

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