I like my friends with benifits' friend. my friends with benefits is leaving the country.. is it possible to get with his friend after?

so there is a bar near to my house i pass by everyday. and i would always look in and think it looks like so much fun in there. but too cool of a place for me to walk in uninvited.

but last weekend i was walking home after a night of clubbing. walked past the bar and the workers were outside smoking. i just breifly glanced at them but kept walking. then i heard someone call out to me. it was a new worker that apparently just started that night. he told me that the other workers see me a lot and was wondering why im always walking past. i explaind its because i live down the road. he offered to walk me home so i was just like sure whatever. i actually really liked his clothing style it was really punk and he has tattoos all over. so i was interested to get to know him and his lifestyle.

so I've met the tattoo guy twice now. each time we just meet at the bar. its directly inbetween both our houses. i just go there and chill with the other customers and the workers. but after the two times of being there im more and more starting to like the owner of the bar. he is just really effing cute like a bubble gum monster. where the guy who invites me out is so boring, a mix of dry and awkward. i always end up playing more (for example, ply fight, make flirty eye contact, and dancing) with the owner. and the tattooed guy basically a jusnt sits and comments sometimes

and to top it off the owner asked the tattooed guy last night. ''what are you guys, are you dating?'' and tattooed guy answered like '' no we are just friends. she is interested in tattooing'' and then the owner looked at me like *yaas good news*

but little does he know we had sex together... but im not interested in havi. g sex with him again he was really bad in bed. and he's just not interesting to me.

and also the tattooed guy is moving to germany after one month.

and just important thing to mention is that tatoo guy and bar owner anrent super close friends. they met only a few weeks ago first time.


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  • So then one the one guy leaves to Germany then hook up with the owner and he will never even know

    • but thing is now should i
      a. pull back away until tattoo guy leaves and then hit up the owner and ask if i can drop by the bar for a drink

      b. keep hanging out with tattoo guy.. even though i kinda dont want to.. so i can keep hanging around the bar and to skip the awkwardness of 'dumping' tattoo guy but still having to be around him until he leaves

      c. make a suggestion

    • Well I would start to pull away if your not into him anymore and once your sure he left to Germany then stop in to see the owner and what he is up to so it doesn't look bad and he will know your available too

    • yeah it seems like the best option thanks

  • Lol this is a classic..

    He starts seeing the girl... then the girl falls for his boss.. lol.. obviously the other dude won't do shit.. its his boss lol.. your a douche

    • I think you missed the point where i said "after he leaves" i dont want to cause more drama than needed. Because tattoo guy amd i already talked and we agree we aren't dating its just sex. Amd out in public we act like just two people who know eachother. But like i am legitimatly interested in the owner. He has the prsonanlity i really like.

    • have you ever heard the term "you don't shit where you eat" ?

      yes your legitimatly interested in the owner. lol.

      what happened, tattoo boy doesn't meet your standards for a good boyfriend?

      you need the big boss tattoo boy now, he does have the requirement.. $$$$ lol...

    • omg did you even read my post? I've hung out with both of them before but the tattoo guy is boring. i literally said he is dry and awkward. he doesn't even hold a conversarion when you try to talk and he won't dance or play pool. he just wants to sit and drink... and not even talk... just drink.

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