I need to reset my body clock?

Ok so for as long as I can remember, I've been a nocturnal person. Back in middle school during the summer, I would stay up till 6am playing video games and drinking soda's. All throughout school I have gone to bed around 2-4am and gotten a couple hours of sleep. It is a huge task for me to wake up before 8am in my current state. It feels weird and sort of "wrong" to try to fall asleep at 10pm. Everything happens at night, my friends are out doing stuff and partying, and it's at night obviously. I'm just so used to staying up till at least 2-4am, even when I don't hangout with my friend's.

BUT, I have found a job that I would be making a good bit of money at and it's really laid back, but I would have to be there at 6am and it would take about 30-40mins a day to get there. I usually have to have a wake-up period when I wake up too, just so I can actually get up and start moving, and I also take showers in the morning. So to do everything that I would normally do, I would have to get up around 4am and start the day. The job is Monday-Friday, and it is such better money and also more laid back than my current job. I'm just really worried that I won't be able to wake up and train my body to basically do the opposite of what I've done my whole life. This is a really good opportunity, and I don't want to mess it up because of my sleeping habits, but I also don't want to live on 1 hour of sleep a day.

What do I do? Have any of you had to basically retrain yourselves? How did it go? And how many of you wake up 4am-6am daily for your job? When I think of going to sleep at 10pm, I imagine all the things I'm missing out on and it keeps me up, even tho I don't plan on doing anything that night. Any have any advice?


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  • Continental worker on rotating shifts of an atypical sort...

    Meaning I work 12hours a day for 182days out the year- 3wks on 3wks off. And that I rotate each work interval between day shifts and night at the start of every 6th week.

    The trick to switching my sleeping schedule is rather simple. A couple days before the beginning of every work interval I stay awake for 36hours and spend a day or two recovering.

    It can be hard but you do get used to weird hours... I personally have pretty much worked every imaginable set of hours you can think of including sets that require sleeping twice in a 24hour stretch but only for 2-3hours.

    Your internal clock is easy to reset. What's hard to change is the habits that keep you awake longer then you should and prevent you from getting the hours of sleep you desperately need.

    In college I went from doing the 24hour 2sleep split to a 6day a week 3:30am wake up literally over night... it just meant that I spent a couple restless nights and drowsy days while I adjusted to being in bed from 8pm-3am.

    So to sum this all up... the best way to change your sleeping habits is to deprive yourself of sleep until you're exhausted at the appropriate time... and then going forward make sure you always get your ass in bed at the appropriate time.

    • Dang, that's crazy man. I don't see how you people can have work schedule's like that, it would drive me nuts having to switch every couple of weeks. But I'm going to try to stay up till 6pm tomorrow. I woke up at 1pm today, and it's 11:48pm here right now. Hopefully I can make it. I have to work at 6am on Friday anyways, so it should work out as long as I don't fall asleep lol.

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  • Try reading up on Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder - if it sounds like you perhaps check it out with a doctor

    • That does sound like me, but hopefully I can try to force reset it. What can a doctor even do? Put me on sleeping meds or is there something else?

    • I think they can treat it with CBT, but that might be an expensive route. If you have access to one, an artificial light machine can be used, it tricks your body into thinking you're more awake than you are, that's one of the methods doctors may use. I struggled with this when I moved countries, and sleeping meds made it way worse for me so I wouldn't advise that, especially if in a new job.

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  • Stay up all night, go to sleep earlier the following night, get up on schedule, get outside in the sun and do some exercise or even walk around the time you need to be getting up.

    After that, keep going to bed the time you need to, and getting up when you need to. Don't ever sleep in just because it's weekend or whatever.

    • I'm going to try that tonight. I'm going to try to fall asleep at around 6pm or so tomorrow and see if I can keep falling asleep then. We'll see how it turns out lol, it's 11:50 right now.