I'm falling in love again, how can I fall out of love?

Is it possible to fall out of love? I'm starting to have feelings for my former crush from 6th grade but I don't want to like him because I know that he talks shit about me and said I'm ugly to one of his friends who likes me. I heard him say "You like her? She's so ugly, why do you like her? Cause of her big tits?" And that hurt my feelings even tho I didn't like him anymore at the time. Can I fall out of love? I really don't want to like him and I have absolutely no chance of dating him either.


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  • you can just make it your dirty little secret...

    • Ew fuck no.

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    • I guess.

    • give it time, it will fade.. like the rest of em.

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  • It's not love, it's just a hard crush. The guy talks shit about you, and you like that? No, come on, accept the reality, he's an immature boy who is disrespectful, you don't love that guy.

    • I somehow have a crush on him again and I have no idea why. The way I behaved around him was so cringeworthy when I was a 6th grader, I don't even wanna be near him anymore.

    • I think you think he's something he's not. He isn't some sweet, nice guy to you, he's a douche. So remind yourself of that every time you see him.

    • Yeah I could try that. Thanks!

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  • Then find someone else 💁
    It's something best

    • But I don't find anyone else attractive. I realized that there is no point of liking someone since your crush never likes you back.

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    • Well I will be going to a different school next year. Maybe new opportunities awaits there but I don't know.

    • Of course
      World's full of opportunities
      As I said a lot of fish in the sea plus you're still under 18

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  • meh just think of all the reason it won't work. I kinda of erase that idea out of my head.