What's your experience making money with adsense? Do you make some?

What's your experience making money with adsense?
What's your record, and what did you do? if you don't mind sharing it.


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  • I never experience that.


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  • This reminds me when back in highschool, me and a friend tried to make a google website (which were just 2 pages really...), and put a lot of adds, and then started clicking on them from the school computers loool.
    In two weeks, we were receiving like $14 (without being able to cash in), only to our disappointment when in the third week, the earnings got disavowed for suspicion origins looooool

    I don't think it works at all, because in browsers, most people already have blockers for ads, and the ones who don't have, they usually ignore all the ads... I mean, was already know they're there... just like part of the furniture.. I imagine the only clicks are accidental.

    Where you can get away are the mobile phones, because you can show some adds blocking the page content, (but that is prohibited by google's policy).

    I'd say it's a dead business.. but if you have a website.. I guess it doesn't hurt much to put 1 or 2 small banners laying around.. making part of furniture..

    • Thanks for the input. Yeah, i'm cheking the possibilities, i know there's the... cost per impression and other stuff they invent...

      But what you say it's true, we have become ads blind, with all the noise.

    • I'm not sure if it's still common to pay for impression. I think most pay for clicks (not sure here, highschool was a long time ago)

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  • Best way is YouTube I think. You can see which YouTuber earns in 2 weeks with socialblade. Com

  • adsense is worthless

  • i steal videos from TV channels, i earned hundred dollars

    • Arent's they quicly taken down?

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    • You use filesharing or youtbe?

    • youtube only

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