Failed my drivers test Advice?

I failed my drivers test today after practicing and knowing how to drive for 6 years. This is my first time getting a license so they paid super close attention to me. I was using my boyfriend's truck because I did not have a car so it was hard for me to maneuver it but I did we take off and she waits the absolute last minute to tell me to turn and then when I do she is telling me that I am turning to fast and that I should have signaled way behind me ahead of time. We go up this giant hill and I am trying to push the gas as hard as I can to get up the hill and she is like "You are going too slow She makes me go through a constuction zone and the sign is too far in my lane to properly turn strait and other people in front of me have to bag up to get around the sign. When I try to go around the sign she says "You are too close to the sign you are not turning correctly" and the guy comes into the lane and moves it because he knows that people are having a hard time getting around it. Once again she tells me last minute to turn and I ended up missing the turn. When I turn the 3rd time and get in my far right lane because she told me to go right she tells me that I am in the wrong lane and that I need to be in the left lane and marks me down like 3 times. I just said fuck it and told her that I wanted to stop and go home because my paper was already scribbled on all over. We head back and I turn and she is like "You just ran a stop sign" I told her that there was no stop sign there and she is arguing with me so I get out the car and search for this mystery stop sign that everyone in front of me never stopped at. Under this giant overload truck is this stop sign that she was talking about and on the side of it a sign says (continue at constant speed) I had to get her out of the car to show her the sign because she was marking me down for that and writing all kinds of bullshit on my paper saying. I just grabbed my car and left because I was so pissed Was she wrong


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  • well i have heard that some driver's test people fail people the first time just to fail people

    I'd just wait whatever time you have to wait and take it again

  • You need a camera on your dash for these things.


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