Why so many people don't what is the main problem with ISIS?

People lack so much of empathy :(
Don't you see that there are people that feel forgotten 'cause of ISIS? Don't you see that some people are not part of society anymore due of ISIS?
Nobody care about 'em anymore...

Poor Al Qaeda :(

[I like making fun of serious things, yes.]


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  • You aren't very clear.
    ISIS is just a gang using religion to control its members. A sect thus
    I'ts aim is to conquer oil fields and become an OPEC.

    • And this is different from Al Qaeda because...

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    • I think they are actually two separated criminal organization with the same principles, like Cosa Nostra and 'Ndrangheta, for a clear example.

    • Probably true in some countries. Less so in Syria.

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  • People do care about them. They have invaded almost all of Europe and almost everyone cares about them. They get free housing, money without working, free heat, free electric power, free food, free education, free healthcare. We can't care anymore than that.

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