Dream interpretation: any ideas?

I would occasionally hook up with my crush but things got all twisted up. I found out later that we both liked each other but it just kept not lining up. I've been able to let go that he was in my dream last night. It's been over a month since I've actually actively thought about him.

I dreamt that I went into his apartment when he wasn't there, I was looking for something but I'm not sure what. He saw me and was happy to see me and came over to give me a hug. I hugged him and then I told him that I was just looking for something but I wasn't going to come back. I don't think I ever completely said it, but I was trying to say " I'm moving forward and I'm not chasing you anymore. If you want me you have to come forward." But all I could get out was I wasn't coming back.

He started to cry and I asked if he was crying and I remember seeing one of his tears falling onto my leg. And I was comforting him. Then I woke up. The well I was dreaming I knew I was dreaming so it was lucid.

The same night I had a very similar dream where I was just in his apartment. But we were hanging out and laughing.

I've had lucid dreams before and I've tried to dream about him before, sometimes I can but I hadn't been able to in a while. Normally when I have vivid dreams about him he's not messaging me. This is the one time I don't want him to. I met someone and I care about them a lot.

Any insights to interpretation?
I'm really annoyed that I would dream about him now. I felt like I was finally completely gone.


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  • We don't care about your dreams.

  • Yeah dreams are basically our subconscious mind playing out things that we have been dwelling on in our head most of the time during our waking moments so you are thinking a lot about him and not sure what to do do

    • Not do do , lol silly me

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