What could this monster be?

I'm trying to figure out what this monster is, I don't know much about monsters, mythical creatures.

It's got long brownish, ugly looking hands and fingers. But that's all we've seen of what it looks like. (in this show).

It can mimic any humans voice, and usually uses the voice of someone who means something to you in order to lure you to it.

It influences minds, turning the person humanityless, evil. And it's victims always kidnap people, kill them, and hang them upside down by their feet, cutting their necks and draining the blood from them. It seems like the monster wants them to do this, because they do it in bulk.

I've been googling and am having no luck finding a monster who does these things.


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  • I'm thinking about Wendigo too because of the whole vocal mimicry of humans, which I heard they are capable of, but Wendigo eat humans which doesn't meet the criteria. And I don't know about the influencing or mind controlling capability either. Where have you heard of this folklore or urban legend before? Because maybe there is an original source for it to help narrow down what it likely is.


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