I was at work today and this old guy who was doing the boxes in front of me told me at break that I did them wrong and before that he told me "fuck?

you" while walking by me under his breath. I was palletizing the boxes and I didn't know that I was doing them wrong but I felt bad today and sad


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  • Is he a co-worker? Because you should tell him that's not acceptable in the work place and you won't put up with that crap.

    • Yeah he is and he's always serious he has a beard and grey hair. And he looks mean

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    • I didn't know I made a mistake because I wasn't paying attention too much but to tell me that wow it really made me feel upset

    • A co-worker can't tell another co-worker "fuck you". That is highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and aggressive. Report it.

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  • You need to tell him. If he believes you're doing something wrong, he should be telling you what that is, instead of being a limp noodle about it. It could also be that you aren't doing it wrong, but that he has a special way to do it that he finds better. But he's definitely going about it the wrong way in just being silent like that. He's not better than you, even if he's worked their longer.

    • I think I have worked there longer and he came in after me

    • So he's just doesn't like you. I still think you need to talk to him about it, I don't care much for "freedom of speech" if it means having to let people trash talk you. Even if it's tough to do, try asking him what you're doing wrong.

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  • I can imagine.. Defeating the purpose.. But wrongly unacceptable and rude to speak profanity to ur job members...


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