Finish this sentence: I am not being (considered) as a real man/ lady because __________. What's your version?

I myself don't subscribe to what makes a real man/lady nonsense and would only use that rarely and merely to compliment someone worthy.

I am not being considered as a real man because:
- I don't drink beer and any other alcoholic beverage.
- I don't like being constantly aggressive. A little jokingly fights are still okay, however I have a kind heart.
- I possess feminine characteristics such as compassion, love, acceptance and I like to hug and cuddle.
- I don't like working out and get ripped.
- I am not rich nor have a job. I'm a student however.

Your turn folks!


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  • Weill like you I'm a student and I don't drink or smoke. Well I drink a glass in the evening from time to time but barely every other week. I'm not ripped and neither am I promiscuous.

    But I also happen to not care that much so I'm fine.


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  • because im not rich nor have a job or any education background im a lazy useless person with a learning disability.

  • I'm the same version with you. But, I like to workout just for health and aesthetics.

  • I'm not socially confident and adept

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