How can I find myself more attractive?

I consider myself to be pretty, I've been called beautiful but still when a guy is attracted to me or is hitting on me I find it hard to believe. I always think he's doing it because he may be drunk (if it happens in a party) or that I'm the last option. It's just that even though I see myself as someone pretty I don't find me to have any sex appeal or being able to be attractive.

Is this normal? how could I change it?


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  • I feel the same too. When a woman is looking at me and keeps looking, I think to myself why are they looking at an ugly guy like me? I never think a girl could be sexually attracted to me. It's just a self confidence issue and you need to build your confidence to get over it. I'm trying but I just don't see myself as a guy who a girl would be interested in.


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  • I don't think you're alone in that. I think a way of finding yourself attractive is by playing up your best assets. So point out- what is it you most like about yourself? If it's your eyes, play them up with makeup. If it's your bum, wear tight leggings, skirts or trousers wherever you go. It's really a matter of appreciating what you have, then flaunting it.