Retail storytime?

okay so i was wondering if anybody here is working in retail and has some stories to share?
Like stories of dumb/ weird/ cute costumer situations you experienced^^


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  • I have nearly 2 years experience working as a bag boy/cart pusher/checker at this one grocery store. It can get interesting but mostly with the customers who get angry/annoyed.

    Recently (two months ago) we had to start using the chip readers for any card that has a chip. And at our store, if you have a debit card, you MUST put your PIN now. Which I wouldn't think is that hard.
    But STILL, two months later, we get many people every day who complain to us about it. Here's how the conversation goes:

    Customer reaches the PIN entering part: "What if I wanna use credit?"

    Me: "Is it a debit card?"

    Customer: "It's a credit and debit card". [Getting noticeably pissed]

    Me: "It's a debit card. If it's a debit card you have to use the PIN."

    Customer: "I don't know the PIN/that's not how it is at this other store/I was just here yesterday and it worked [which is a blatant lie because it's been two months]."

    Seriously people, you think the cashier has control over this shit? Grow the fuck up. If you ever do shit like this in retail stores, go fuck yourself with a cactus.


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  • I dont work in retail but retail be having some very cute and pretty girls working for them. I do like to flirt and ask for help just to strike up a conversation. lol

    • you do know that some find that assaulting since its their workplace so they can't easily turn creepy guys off without being rude
      (i dont know you so dont take that personal- just in general)

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    • @DarkHumorRUs wow that sucks the cute girls are leaving. I hope the replacements be just as hot. I hope those girls come back when their semester is over.

  • Once upon a time I was working returns. Some guy cane in angrier then a bull. He wanted me to refund his American Express card & then charge his store gift card. I think it was for several hundred. I started to say sure but he went into this rant about Greg. (Greg was many of many store managers) Since he was all hot & bothered I asked "Greg who" GREG how many managers are named Greg? I kept screwing with the guy. Oh several, we have many more chiefs then Indians. So I kept him going. (it's OK to do that refund because it saves the store the commission they'd pay AE) I could see the veins popping out in this guys neck & head. Finally I said IF you're asking ME if I'll do that then sure.

    Another old guy came in really nice. He was so sweet, he returned 6 lights but only got credit for 1. He had the receipts & it showed 1 refund. I said let's take a look. The computer won't let you refund more then what's been purchased. It approved it. He was so thankful & polite.
    Moral be nice, be smart it'll save the veins from popping out in your head.
    Other times people want to return thing 4-5 years old. A fan. It was outside. One of the blades broke. I said no. They said "it's guaranteed for life!" I said yes the motor is. You can buy new blades. Who thinks it's OK to return an outdoor fan after that much time? Unbelievable.


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