If you hit by gay people, does it mean because you are beautiful?

I'm a very handsome guy, not in a sense that I'm very muscular. I've a very beautiful face. If I go any club, sometimes I noticed men came to me and offered to buy drink, start to praise my look etc. I'm wondering could it be there's any certain trait that makes gay people attracted to another man.


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  • Hahahahahahahahaha

    • Why are you laughing, it's terrific.

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    • I don't understand, why do people got disturbed when someone claim himself/herself pretty. I can't judge how I look like. It's the people who said this thing.

    • You do you sweety ;) You call yourself whatever you wish!

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  • lol no. i´m average and i get hit on by gay people too.

    • So the way thirsty men hit women in the club irrespective of their attractiveness, gay men do the same... Lol

    • yes, they do xD and actually quite in the same way too... like for example one said to me: "wow i bet you could have anybody with that body of yours" xD again i´m average. maybe a little on the muscular side but not that conspicuous.

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  • just the same stuff that girls find attractive in a man

  • It just means they find you attractive. It's no different than if a girl were to do the same.


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