Can anything be done about introversion?

I don't like how introverted I am...

I want to be the opposite so I can have friends and more sex.

Is it truly possible to become extroverted?

I wish I could tell girls that they're beautiful and that I want to have babies with them (or lesser things), but instead I sit silent and am boring.

Is there anything I can do about this? It seems like all I can talk is business and that's rather boring, but I have no problem walking up to the owner of a hotel and asking if he's selling it.


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  • You can learn to be friendly and you can learn social skills, but I don't believe you can change from introvert to extrovert. I'm an introvert and I used to be very shy, and I taught myself to be outgoing and friendly to people.

    • Have you ever become extroverted?

      Do you wish you were?

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    • Cool. Hey pm me real quick

    • Can't bro. You're anon 😁

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  • Americans would like to call it a mental illness. Europeans consider it 'rather normal'.
    Crazy Europeans...

    • So no one in Europe talks to each other?

    • They talk to each other but they don't start each conversation with a stranger by mentioning their income and assets (or bra size and dick size on the internet)

    • Okay...

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  • Who you are is who you are, but if you push your boundaries and force yourself to do things like that, maybe you'll become extroverted

    • Could a girl ever like an introverted guy?

      Or actually prefer one?

    • Yeah, I'm extremely extroverted and my boyfriend is relatively introverted. We balance each other out so it's nice and bring things out of each other that makes us better people. Every girl is different but it's definitely possible

    • of course, a lot of really extroverted people like introverted people, and the other way around. Don't be too hard on yourself, you're your own worst enemy sometimes.

  • Lol, that's a new one. Just think to yourself before going to a girl that why do you do it like that? If it is cause you don't want to mess up or look like a fool or something I don't know just think that what do you have to lose, you're not friends with her yet so if you mess up it won't make a difference. Sell yourself to her, make her want to talk to you more.

    • How do I sell myself?

    • well, have something interesting to say for starters. If you go up to her and have nothing to say then it gets awkward and most likely the girl will try to avoid any more awkward moments in the future. Keep it short, show some confidence in yourself, most of the time it gets them intrigued and then suddenly they are the ones following your lead, instead of the other way around. If it goes on and on then sometimes it gets to a point where there's nothing more to say and it becomes awkward again, so it's good usually to keep it short.

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  • You can look for some girls who are ugly to practice it

    • I don't like ugly girls

    • It is used in practicing otherwise something will happen on your face when you are very nervous.

    • Yea that's true...

  • introvert is not being the same as anti social. you just don't talk about anything to anyone all the time.

    • But it hinders socialization...

      And people might think you don't like people...

    • that can be true, but look at it from this point of view. instead of being extrovert and being friends with a whole bunch of people, you can be introvert and be good friends with a small group of awesome people. im sure that you will have no trouble reaching out to people if you really want to.

  • not possible. whatever you do, in the end you'll prefer to be introverted

    • Does this mean I can't enjoy the company of other people and that I can't get hot girlfriends?

    • No. It means no matter how much you try to be the opposite of what you are, it will be obvious from everyone in the company that you don't enjoy your time and eventually you'll end up being the introverted weirdo.
      You can get a hot girlfriend. Wether you'll keep her or not thats another story.

    • I've been social before...

      I don't usually like small talk...

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