Do dvd/blu ray region codes apply to a ps4?

i want to buy a dvd which is a region 1 disc. i live in Europe, can i still play it with a ps4?


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  • sorry yes its region locked, but you can still change it but thats limited to do 4 times and once its changed after the limit it cannot be changed back, its best to find a dvd or blu ray under your region code or a region free disc you live in Europe so its region 2 i think, good luck

    • so if i have a European ps4, and I'd buy a region 1 dvd, i can't play it. but what if i used my American psn account? would i be able to watch it then?

    • sorry still no, your account doesn't determine your ps4 region setting, and id recommend changing your account location to your country, even tho most ps4 games are region free its best in case you decide to download a game.

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