I am pregnant and due any day know but I have a question about the birth?

hi everyone

i am a first time mother and i am very nervous about the birth cuz i have never done this before and i would like to know what a normal hospital birth will be like so i am ready for it and on a side note will the fact me and my baby's father are unmarried matter at all in the sense of consent forms and what not for the baby in hospital like say i was unconscious could he sigh then forms for treatment or not
thank u any advice would be helpful and sorry for the long post i am just very worried

sorry about the spelling mistake in the title i mean to say now not know


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  • Each hospital has their own policies so you should check with the hospital you'll be giving birth at. As for the birth itself you'll have contractions until 10cm dilated and then you'll push out your baby and then after the placenta unless you have a c section then they'll cut open your belly and take the baby out. Your dr didn't go over this stuff with you or you didn't take any classes or do research on your own? I know I'm not like most people but in any situation I find out all the info that I can so I'm prepared to make a decision if I need to especially with something so important as your child life. If I were you I'd start reading up now on things.

    • oh the doctor did go over all this i just want to know what happened with other mothers and i wanted to know were my baby's father stands in terms of him sighing consent forms for the baby if i am unable to

    • Oh ok I see, I haven't had my baby yet so not really sure as this is my first and I still have a while yet. as for him signing consents I'm not really sure as to if him being the father is good enough to be able to sign or if you'll have to appoint him able to sign but shouldn't have any issues with that.

    • that is what i am worried about as he is the father and what if i can not sigh for some reason and he is the only other parent there i want to make sure he can go with our girl and oversee her medical treatment if i am unable to

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