Guys always stare at my face but no guy has ever asked me out?

I feel weird and like I've gotten low self esteem. Men and surprisingly women stare at me all the time. I feel lonely and like there is something wrong with me that guys won't talk to me or ask me out. Why all the stares? What's the big deal and why folks act so strange toward me. I've had some men just be in a daze looking at my face and my friend had to tell me they won't stop looking she thinks its weird too.


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  • maybe you have a giant ass mole on your face that you don't know about. also, people looking at you don't mean they are attracted to you and there's nothing stopping you from talking to dudes. you and other chicks need to get the idea that guys are supposed to come to you outta your head

  • they stare more than likely because your a beautiful girl, so they fall in love with you, but the problem is guys are commonly rejected, and it hurts, and so we can't approach or do anything about it, because its the girl who has the luxury in choosing who they want when they want because their physical beauty prevents rejection, so guys shy away, so based on this if you like someone approach them, it shouldn't be that difficult for a girl, being easily loved girls are and how they turn us guys on so easy.

    • I've told the guy I like that I like him and he has been mean and ignore me and show off with other girls

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    • Do you think he hates me?

    • it seems so, i wouldn't know why, you should post a pic so i can see what you look like, then i can help determine if there's any problems look wise, that is if you really want my help

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  • Are you really pretty? They probably think you're already taken or that you're out of their league and that's why they don't approach.

    • I don't know I used to be really fat and I've lost a lot of weight and it's weird how people act toward me now I'm still getting used to the attention I'm a late bloomer it's been about two years since people started treating me this way