Girls, do you approach stranger guys if they were alone?

If you and him were in the waiting room only, would you approach him if you think he is attractive?

  • Yes that's my chance
  • No i am very shy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • More likely I woudn't, but who knows what can get into my head at that time, I would hesitate approaching guy in some waiting room more than in basketball court.

    • approach*

    • Can you elaborate on the differences between the waiting room and basketball?

    • Because it would be more "natural" and less nervous to get a talk in a court. It wouldn't be so obvious approach and didn't need to think too much what to say beforehand, because you just approach and suggest if he would like to play something (eg. americans called "Horse", lithuaninas call that game "minus five" ) instead of shooting hoops alone. And then you get to know each other by playing and interacting.
      Some kind of other neutral place requires a lot more thinking to not turn out boring, keep conversation without awkward silences but one of advantages would be that it's more obvious to make it look like you are exactly interested in person as a partner than as a friend.

What Girls Said 3

  • Ya, most likely. I would go to him and be like, "hey, what's up? Are you new here? Do you like it here? And stuff like that. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, I might get to see him around again.

  • Would but only if I would be mad having a bad day

    • Mad.. what has to do with it?

    • Than I get in a "fuck it all !! " state soo I'll do anything I feel like doing...

  • No, I would not I would wait for him to do it

    • If he haven't

    • then I would forget him and wait for another guy to ask me out

What Guys Said 1

  • girls generally don't have that kind of courage.