You're traveling abroad in a country & you unintentionally break one of its laws & the punishment is torture. Which 2 of the punishments would u?

Pick? There was no way for you to get out of it. The ambassador of your country couldn't help either. And you had to pick 2 or they would pick them for you

1. Crocodile Shears

2. white torture (look it up)

3. Waterboarding

4. Syrian Box torture with your choice of dangling food or insects

5. Cat o' nine tails

6. Strappado

7. Tucker telephone

lol silence.


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  • Waterboarding

    • Did you know the united States is trying to get rid of waterboarding so I'm thinking they have a better more affected punishment... but we mainly us isolation nd have the room dark and after a few weeks a guy goes in there and acts like your friend and u spill the secrets... Just a fun fact

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  • We don't know what they are and why the fuck would we bother looking them up?

    • So your ass can at least know which ones to pick.

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    • @Pac-Man And they don't have to answer either. There's thousands of questions on here, its not like they're forced to even answer them.

    • How don't your know what they are?

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  • is this some kind of torture fetish related thing?

    • Nope just a question.

  • Stop taking LSD and shrooms alltogether.

    • Which ones?

    • just kick off that stuff you're taking.

    • You must be on that PCP

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