Tarot reading help?

I did a tarot reading for myself. I'm quite new and I understand the basic meanings but when I read for myself I get stuck and confused. can anyone help. I did I 3 card love spread. The positions are.
1, how he felt the day you last saw him
2, the way he felt about you on the following Tuesday
3, how he feels for you now.

Card 1, queen of wands
card 2, King of cups reversed
cup 3, 5 of swords
the funny thing I did a 3 card reading about his feelings about him for me the day we met and for the 3rd card I got the 5 of swords then so it's come out twice for the same guy in the same position.
Can someone help me?


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  • It's a spiritual practice, not based on facts. You're either inclined to believe in what you read on the cards, or you think it's complete bogus. If you do tarot cars everyday, they will always change, and the meaning of the cards changes with each person's interpretation. A stranger can't tell you what the cards mean in your life. I do tarot cards, but you have to keep a level head about it.

  • i am lost as well lol