A friend site that's kinda like a dating site, but for just making online friends?

So a website that isn't facebook, twitter or anything else like that. It's set up so you have a profile and you can list stuff about yourself and then find people who share the same interests as you. Kinda like how okcupid is set up. You get asked questions to see who you'd best match with, except as friends, you know?


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  • Nice idea, but you know it'll just turn into a bunch of creepy dudes sending dick pics just like every other social site on the Internet lol

    • That's what a block button will be for. And maybe a deleting profile if proof can shown of people breaking the rules. Like a screen shot of the conversation with the dick pick in it.

  • I would love something like that!

    • I'm sure a lot of people would. Just hope we get an answer here.

    • I've thought about that many times myself. With being in my mid 40s and divorced and all my friends are married or busy with their kids (I'm busy with kids too sometimes) it's hard to find time & people to hang out with!

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