More of a rant, feel free to put in your opinion ( now I have to put a? at the end) ?

so i have had depression for 7 years, i am now 15. just recently in November last year i got better i felt happy, everything in my life was going well. i live with my granddad and he trusted me, for Christmas i got my first phone and it was a iphone 6s. people trusted me with things, people loved me, i was happy. in January i started yr 10 and since i wasn't so depressed i was my true self and people liked me, people laughed at the things i said, people started to like me, now this made me even more happy, it boosted up my self esteem. i felt like i mattered. then everything went wrong at Easter. i stayed at my aunties place and that night i snuck out to meet a guy, i got really drunk and ended up having sexx with him, which i regret. then when i got back my auntie found out and she checked my messges and my photos i had sexts in there an diick pics. i got in a lot of trouble my grandad has kick me out of the house and took my phone. i went back to boarding school and was really upset because none of my family was there for me, and i thought i was pregnant because there was no protection. ( found out i wasn't though) a week after that it was school holidays, my grandad sent me to my great aunties farm for a week, which was sooo boring, then i went to a camp. at that camp i was hanging around people who came out of kids jail and who did drugs and stuff. thats when i first started smoking ciggies. anyways that camp was over and my holidays were shit, i was not allowed to hang out with any of my friends, this made me really upset. i came back to boarding after the holdiays and i was really depressed, this resulted me in starting selfharm not doing any of my school work and being really naughty, i got caught smoking in the bathrooms and a lot of other bad things. my granddad sent me away to family and community serivices, i had a fight with my bestfriend and she is spreading rumors about me, so i have came in a conclusion that sometimes parents dont always know best.

OK so i know nudes and that stuff are bad but i am really educated in that, i have been involved in that since year 8 so i know how to be as safe as i can. and i also know drinking is bad but i have been doing it for a while


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  • I don't agree how your granddad responded. In fact i strongly disapprove. But you got yourself in this mess. Now get your act together and think before you act.


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  • It sounds like you made a number of questionable or bad decision and lost the trust of your family. How about asking your grandfather what you need to do to restore a bit of that trust. If you continue on this path of thumbing your nose at expectations you are only going to hurt yourself. Being a teen is hard, but blaming the depression label isn't doing you any favors.
    It seems like you might also be disappointed in your own behavior. What do you think you could change in your every day life that might make things a little better? If you show and prove to your loved ones that you are trust worthy and understand the consequences of your previous actions I'm sure they will change the way they currently treat you.

  • You have poor decision making skills, but depression isn't to blame for that. It's a cycle, you make a bad decision, you get a result you don't like, you feel depressed about it. Start making better decisions for yourself and taking responsibility for your actions, instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Life is about learning from your experiences, so do that.

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