New Android System Update. Worth It?

According to my Android phone, I have a new system update available. I always wait forever to install updates because I'm afraid of bugs and glitches. Has anyone here downloaded this update? If so, how is it?


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  • Which version are you currently running?
    KitKat? Lollipop? Marshmallow?

    • I don't know the candy names, but I'm on 5.1.

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    • Well, I figured that, but it also seems like other Motorolas might be getting it at different times from mine.

    • Oh I don't know anyone else with an LG so I don't know when they got their updates

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  • Just do it. (I wasn't sponsered I swear). Android is pretty good for me no problems so I don't see why not. I would ask what phone you have because that will affect it but you should be fine.


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