Eye drops for red eyes with contacts?

I'm going to smoke weed for the first time this weekend and I want to buy eye drops in case my eyes get red (which they probably will.)
I hear that Visine, Rohto V, & Clear Eyes work really good, but it says to take contacts out before using them which I am not willing to do.
So yeah, are there any eye drops that I can use with my contacts in?
I have contact rewetting solution but I highly doubt it will help at all with the redness.

Please don't lecture me about how smoking is bad for me, I'm going to do it anyway.

All help is appreciated.

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  • Definitely don't use normal eye drops when you're wearing contacts.. There are certain eye drops for contact wearers that are supposed to help with irritation and dry eye and they MIGHT do something about the red but I haven't actually tried myself cuz I usually just smoke when I'm more chilled out so I already had my glasses on. (Got lasik so not really a problem anymore). I would say just try your current contacts drops and see how they work, and if not you might just have to browse a drugstore aisle and read the labels lol

  • Have fun being dumb✌🏻️

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