Hi people what's the best prank u pulled or a friend pulled on u and please give details?


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  • we wrapped our teachers' cars in cling wrap once at a camp.
    some of us woke up early one morning and went around drawing on everyone's faces too. the markers were permanent so that stuff stayed on for about 2 days even after scrubbing hard to wash it off :)

    • Lol I wish I wasn't disabled that sounds fun

    • sorry to hear. I'm sure you can still inspire others if you wish to.

    • The craziest thing I did was the warm water prank on my sister and I thought I she couldn't wet because she was not able for 2 days so I thought I was safe but she peed like a river and I got in trouble with my sister and mom

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  • I used to work with this kid Jay at a supermarket when I was about 19, in the produce department. Every Saturday we worked 3:00 until closing at 9:00, and we were unsupervised in our department, so we'd run out and get stoned or he'd bring nips to work since he was newly 21 and we'd drink rum and cokes while we worked. Our other ritual was to get subs from Sawtelle's, a pizza place next door. Every other week, one would order, and one would walk over to pick it up, and we'd alternate.

    So Jay orders the subs and I go get them this one particular day. He tells me he put the order under the name "McFly", and I'm like "wow... awesome", haha. So I walk over and go in, and I say "hi, I have a take out order for McFly..." Lady looks at me like I have ten heads. She looks at the receipt stapled to the bag and says "um... I have one for (my real last name, which is also starts with Mac- and sounds like Mc-)..." And I'm like "this son of a bitch..." I looked like such an idiot, hahahaha.

    I walk back over to the work, and I'm looking in the front window, and there he is, looking at me with a shit eating grin on his face. I couldn't do anything but tip my cap, he burned me good🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂