What do u think about his reactions to my serious discussion with him?

We are both shy. And had a third party trying to hook us up. But still nothing was up, so I went to him and tried to ask myself. I asked if I misunderstood what our friend said. He said no, but he was busy with some stuff now. Which I knew was a possibility. I said that's OK. I just needed to know. He starts laughing. I ask what was so funny. He never answered. He says we can start hanging out n stuff then starts laughing again. I'm so confused by this. I say what is so funny!!! He laughed harder. I'm confused and defensive then.
Then later he says he can start coming to me to cut his hair. I smh then said Nah, go where ur happy. He looked shocked, then cracked up again. Ugh... Help me understand this please.

  • The laughing was nerves and a good sign
  • The laughing was and sign
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