Have you ever gotten this stupid before?

they're all morons lol. people lose their shit on the road


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  • i really wanted to hit someone
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guy uploaded events leading up to the 1st video



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  • Never been in that situation but I would have kept my cool.

    • i imagine you would. you have much chill lol. unless it turned into those anime gifs with you, holy chet! :P

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    • such a hassle, see i dont know why some people drive on the road with the mindset of "if it isn't my fault it's okay", because it can cause a nuisance, regardless of it not being their fault.

      it sucks when things like that happen, sorry it caused you inconvenience.

    • Now I know that my roommate was a good friend but wasn't reliable when it comes to needing helping.

  • I might have my lost my cool for a few seconds but would have eventually gained it back.

    • damn you're cool ;)

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    • damn today is a good Friday hahah

    • It is indeed!
      *Giggle* *Giggle* Fridays are always good, they are specially relieving when it is 51 C outside. (^_^)

What Guys Said 3

  • I like how in these situations people are sitting comfortably behind their screen judging individuals in a moment of heightened adrenalin and testosterone, thinking they would have acted civilized. Yea sure...

    • that's a disclaimer some uploaders post in their descriptions to try and get a different set of comments.

      i see how the guy would start pushing him right off the bat because the biker just straight up walked towards the car door, and when people see that, they assume pissed off biker got off his bike and is approaching. i would've backed up and been like whoaa bro im just trying to talk, but the constant pushing and shoving didn't help the situation at all.

  • Nope.

    It's funny in the new video people are calling him out for cutting certain parts out :D

    • yeah I don't know why he didn't just submit raw footage, it's shady af

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    • they were definitely in the wrong on one account, they caused traffic congestion by stopping their van in the middle of the road on a double yellow, traffic violation. right when he mentioned that he moved his fucking van so fast but tried to be cool about it. also i think he stopped in the middle of the road for no reason and then took off, another traffic violation, reckless endangerment.

    • That's true.
      Im actuallykinda interested about how it all turns out. I hope he posts update videos :p

  • Almost but kept my cool, these people were idiots and he had it all on his pro cam

    • what annoyed me was that kid kept pushing him back while saying, "get the fuck out of here" and his bike is on the other side, like really lol.

    • Yeah that whole thing was out of hand and I've seen stuff like this on the road, people just let their tempers get the best of them