He said he'd cover all my expenses and now he's saying he'll cover half?

My boyfriend is leaving to Seattle for the summer to work (we're from Texas) and he planned to fly me out there for a month and he said he'd cover all of my expenses and flight ticket. Due to my summer classes not being planned out as I wanted, instead of a month trip, I am taking three short visits so that equates to three flights. BUT he said he would pay for half of the three flight tickets.

We've been together for a little over a year but we're both in college and in a LDR so we don't really discuss finances. I can contribute to half of the flight expenses but he will be making 4x more than I am and he is typically forgetful so I don't know if he forgot that he offered to fund all of my expenses or that he is only now offering to fund half of the flight tickets since one flight turned into three? How would you approach my situation?

I dont want to come off as a spoiled brat like "hey.. You said you'd pay for everything but now you're only offering half, what's up with that" because it DOES sound bratty but that is honestly what's going through my mind and I don't know how to put it in a more polite way.

Did I mention that he's driving to Seattle which is a 36 hour drive and I am accompanying him THERE and BACK to help him drive. Is it still bratty to help him drive to Seattle then to pay for my flight ticket back home? By bratty, I meant I'm just not comfortable asking people to pay for me. But why should I pay for flight tickets when he's the one that wants me to go and I'm helping him drive and he knows that I hate driving.


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  • Pay your own way or don't go.

    • Did you even read what I posted? HE's the one that wants me to go and I agreed to come because HE initially offered to pay for it. I was asking in my question what is a more more polite way to ask him why he's only offering half now. I have summer school, I could just stay home on focus on my classes. But I'm going out of my way to see him in Seattle because HE wants me to go. It's like you didn't even read what I posted?

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    • Hmmm I don't think gold diggers help their boyfriends drive 72 hours, do they?

    • So long as there is money in it.

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  • It's better to be assertive and clear then to wait until there's a problem.

    • That's why I'm asking what would be a more polite way to confront the situation

    • You simply explain what the problem is and why you feel it's a problem. Just be calm and clear, but you can't control if he has a confrontational response.

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  • He originally agreed to paying for one flight, now that's changed to him paying for half of 3 flights, which is even more money he is paying than what he originally offered. I'd leave it as is.

    • This is what I was assuming but I don't even want to fork out money for flight tickets to go on short trips in between summer classes when I could just stay at home, save money, and focus on my school work. I agreed to go because he originally offered to fund EVERYTHING.. Meaning offered to fund me when we Initially decided that I would be living there for a WHOLE MONTH. And he offered because at his summer job- money isn't going to be a problem. So I'm confused why he changed his offer.

    • @Asker perhaps you could explain you can't afford to pay for your half of the 3 tickets, and suggest to limit it to two trips. He pays all of one and half of another. That way he pays the same as he already has agreed, you save a lot, and you still get most of your visits in.

      You can say otherwise you just don't have the money to do it all.

  • it was only 1 flight at first now its 3.

    • The flights are two one ways and a round trip. The first trip im helping him drive to Seattle and flying a one way back home. The second trip, I'll be taking a round trip to visit him briefly during the gap in between my two summer classes. The third trip, I'm taking a one way there and helping him drive back home. I am glad to pay for half of the the round trip. But I think that it's fair of me to think he should pay for the two one way flights because I'm helping him drive 36 hours.

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  • If it sounds bratty, why do you still plan on doing it?

    • Because it bothers me and it's better to talk about situations that are bothering you even if they sound bratty then to internalize it? Stupid question?

  • Sounds bratty because it is bratty.

    • You can read my update. Maybe bratty was the wrong word. Me being a girl and calling myself bratty doesn't really resonate well with an audience. You guys tend to not read when this is in the description.

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