Volleyball players I need your help?

so I recently been playing vball at 2 hour intervals. But for some reason my quads feel like I just did a leg day, but its more of a sharp pain than anything. I can't even sit up for 3 days afterwards without using my arms. I do dive for balls without knee pads. could it just be the aftermath of that? It hasn't occurred before when I played on HS team or beach vball.


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  • do you stretch before you play?
    your quads might need a little love in terms of having them worked out, stretched and not applying too much pressure to them. try find ways to work on your posture maybe, because that makes a difference.

    just be careful. dont overwork your body because this is the result. i had both calves cramp up at the same time once and i just dropped like a fly lmao. stretch, jog, and dont make sharp movements.


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  • Has it been a while since you've played? I never had that kinda issue with my legs when playing, perhaps you aren't stretching enough.

    • It has been awhile since I played. But I did play vball on beaches, just not gyms. Also been active with my legs and stretch a good amount before hand.

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    • Yeah man going from sand to hard courts and only playing a week at a time, it'll take a while for your legs to stop being sore. Maybe play a little more often if you can. To me it's just like that burn you feel on your forearms from passing after not playing for a while. Nah I when I play 6s I'm a middle blocker so no need for them, but even when I play Quads I still don't. Knee pads have never been my thing, I wear knee sleeves at times for like knee pain every now and then.

    • Thanks man, hope your legs don't continue to bother you.

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