When ever I have to go somewhere I always have a inconvenience but if I'm not everything goes smoothly. anyone else?

for ex I have to go drive somewhere and all of a sudden my contact starts bothering me and getting blurry and I have to keep fixing it. or I get gassy and have to go to bathroom. but if I'm just hanging around house none of these things happen.


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  • I dont know if you believe things like "signs the universe sends out" but it could be that. I have heard some cases of people running late for something but it saved them from a terrible accident or even death. I experinced this once. Years ago my boyfriend at the time and I were going to take the train to NYC well the week I chose we couldnt do because of work and lack of money but we went two weeks later. The week/weekend I chose was the same week that a train accident happened. Same train and stop! Its like the Final Destination movies in a way.
    Maybe all these times something has stalled you from going somewhere is because the universe is making sure you dont get to your location at a certain time.

  • I have that problem occasionally...


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