Why do black girls wear weaves / wigs?

Obviously I am not a black girl and I don't know anything about weaves and wigs but me and my friends were wondering why black girls wear weaves / wigs when they have such beautiful hair ( I don't know if this is good English ). I mean black girls have extremely beautiful curls so why would you hide them? I wished I had hair like that instead of this boring straight hair.


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  • Maybe they feel unattractive without it

    • Maybe, but they shouldn't

    • True I think most Black Women are beautiful (: (I'm White by the way) (:

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  • Well, as a black girl, I can answer this.

    First, no, it has nothing to do with attractiveness. Our hair isn’t as strong as other ethnicities unless we’re mixed. The sun does a lot of damage to our hair and therefore, it dries out fast and doesn’t grow. However, most women do it because they are trying to go ‘natural’, or, in other words, grow their curls back. A lot of black women, me included, had a lot of damage done to our hair like flat ironing, relaxers, perms, texturizers, hot comb…everything. So we want to grow it back. But it breaks off a lot in the early stages of growing it out and it’s hard to style. Weaves and sew-ins and wigs protect our hair from the elements while also preventing us from having to damage it with heat and chemicals.
    I mean, yeah, some do it for beauty. But honestly, it’s just more convenient. That and our hair isn’t as widely accepted as everyone else’s, especially in pre-dominantly white countries like the USA and England. Straight hair is considered beautiful. Ours is considered hideous, especially in the professional and fashion world, but that’s starting to change now.

    • Well I don't think it is hideous. It is gorgeous.

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    • Really? , at my school and at work people are allowed to wear corn rows or dreadlocks. Maybe it is more of an issue in the US than in Holland. I have never in my life heard that people weren't allowed to have corn rows and dreadlocks.

    • It is. The U. S. says it's all inclusive but it really isn't, especially in the work place.

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  • #generalisation617 not all of them...

    the ones who do simply want to try something different, or they may have hair that isn't that easy to manage. Africans are blessed in many many areas, but the hair is one of the things many will have trouble with. i have quite a few friends who've talked to me about it a lot.

    everyone wants what they dont have unfortunately. that's just how we are. hence why they make straighteners, curlers, crimpers, hair dyes, keratin treatments, oils, extensions, wigs, hairsprays etc etc. so you can get the look you want.

  • Because those curls are ridiculously hard to maintain, so braiding it up and putting something that's pretty and easy to work with, is a lot easier. Or they just like it. It messes up your hair though

    • No it doesn't, not if you go to the right person.

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    • @EllieLexis513 I'm not saying immediate damage, I'm saying prolonged use say 30+ years

    • Oh, yeah, lol, you gotta give your hair breaks